Allu Arjun Forced Sukumar?Pushpa is Allu Arjun’s maiden Pan-India venture. The actor for some reason is very keen on the December 17th release and pushed Sukumar to go for it even though there is not sufficient time. We have seen last-minute hassles and post-production errors in the movie as a result.

Meanwhile, Sukumar in an interview also revealed that he did not want to release the film as a Pan-India movie. “I started the research for a web series but the idea excited me after some travel. I made a Telugu film. But Allu Arjun and the producers forced me to release it Pan-India,” Sukumar said.

“But I am happy because the film is doing well,” Sukumar added. Even though it was Allu Arjun’s idea, he ruined it with his own hands. Forcing Sukumar to release the movie on a tight schedule ensured that they did not have time for proper promotions in other languages.

Sukumar had to skip the promotions completely while Allu Arjun and others have toured other states in the last moment.