Allu Arjun Following Risky Sentiment For Pushpa 2Allu Arjun and Sukumar’s Pushpa: The Rise released in theatres last December and it went on a good run at the Hindi box office. Overall, it is a big box office grosser. Now, Sukumar and Bunny appear to be following the ‘December’ sentiment for Pushpa 2 as well.

Apparently, Sukumar and Bunny are planning to release Pushpa 2 in theatres in December 2023. They are reportedly planning the shooting schedule and post production accordingly.

While Sukumar and Bunny might be following the December sentiment, they are also taking a big risk with it. December 2023 is still a really long way away from now. There is the risk of Pushpa fading from public memory by then.

Team Pushpa might argue that the longer they hold onto Pushpa 2, the more will be the anticipation. But the film doesn’t end on a hook point like Baahubali. So, there is no suspense factor.

However, the reach that Pushpa got after its OTT release on Amazon Prime is too good, so the team will be hoping the same continues till December 2023 when Pushpa 2 releases in theatres.