Allu Arjun Fans Into A TizzyAllu Arjun has sent his fans into a tizzy as the actor has joined the sets of Pushpa. The team has begun the schedule in Secunderabad today. The first part will take place for 45 days before the team heads to an outdoor location.

On the completion of the Hyderabad shoot, the team will head to Goa to complete the remaining portions. This would make Bunny, the first actor to go for an outdoor shoot post second wave. Sukumar and Bunny are leaving no stone unturned to give the best output, considering this is the first pan-India film for the duo.

Fight Masters Ram-Lakshman had revealed how intense and grueling efforts Bunny has put in for his role. Explaining how tough the job was, they said that Bunny had run in the forest blindfolded which is no mean effort.

Being a pan-India film, we can expect to have popular artistes from different regions. The team is aiming to have Pushpa 1 release at the year-end. After this Bunny will jump to ICON, and again would head for Pushpa 2. Nearly 80 percent of Pushpa 1 has been shot