Allu Arjun Fans Behaving Like NTR Fans!Soon after the release of RRR, a section of Jr NTR’s fans on social media started calling out Rajamouli, saying NTR’s role was underplayed in the film. They started abusing Rajamouli with their own set of apprehensions.

Now, Allu Arjun’s fans are doing something very similar to what NTR’s fans did.

A section of Allu Arjun’s fans are saying Sukumar and DSP, who claim to be Allu Arjun’s best friends didn’t deliver their best for Pushpa and it was Allu Arjun who solely pulled the film. They are demanding Sukumar and DSP to put up their best work for Pushpa 2.

In response to this argument, netizen are commenting “Pushpa got an ultra wide reach. DSP’s songs, Srivalli and Oo Antava shook the internet. As for Sukumar, the very story is his creation. Without him there is no Pushpa. It was his characterisation that Allu Arjun moulded into and delivered a standout performance. Even after such a huge success, we can’t understand why Allu Arjun’s fans are calling out DSP and Sukku.”

The common opinion on social media is that NTR’s fans drew their own conclusions after RRR’s release and abused Rajamouli while he gave blockbuster success to their hero. And now, Allu Arjun’s fans are replicating NTR’s fans by saying DSP and Sukumar did not support Allu Arjun to the fullest in Pushpa.