Allu Arjun Fans Attack Pushpa Theaters In Andhra PradeshAs if the ongoing torture in Andhra Pradesh is not enough for theater owners, fans pelt stones on the theater for not screening Pushpa Benefit Show in some places of Andhra Pradesh. Hoping for a favorable verdict from the High Court, a few theaters sold tickets for Benefit shows.

But then, the verdict did not come and the theaters had to cancel the benefit shows. Even though they offered to refund the money, that could not pacify the angry fans. In Adoni, fans pelted stones on a theater on Thursday night. Similar scenes followed in Hindupur as well.

Allu Arjun fans protested against the local SV theater management and pelted stones on the theater. Police had to intervene and do a lathi-charge to control them. Similar incidents were reported at a few places in Andhra Pradesh. Theater managements say they are helpless in this issue with Government not cooperating.

“We are at receiving end from all sides. This is the worst possible time to be in Theater business,” they say. A theater in Tirupati was attacked as fans complained of a lack of proper sound quality. Theater management says it is actually an issue with the film.