Read: Allu Arjun’s response on drunk drive allegation

In this age of media intrusion it is hard to miss a celebrity being get caught on videos whenever they venture into public. With camera enabled cell phones on every hand, recording a video isn’t a big deal. And when such a video is recorded there is a hungry media always present to make it go viral. This is exactly what has happened in the case of Allu Arjun which has put his fans on back foot for now.

Barely has few days passed after the release of I am the Change video featuring Allu Arjun, the star was caught on camera moving out of a police check. One doesn’t for sure know the exact context but the video has gone viral on social networking sites and it has now been picked up by the media too. They have attached a context to it as well and say that it was a video where the star was using his celebrity status to avoid checking for drunk and drive. How much truth is in that assertion is something that has not been validated but post the video which urged everyone to change people have started questioning the actor.

Allu Arjun is pretty active on social networking sites which means a reply could be expected soon if things blow out of proportions. All said and done post the fantastic reception of the ‘Change’ video this issue is surely a bummer.