allu arjun linguswamyDirector Linguswamy next movie is said to be Allu Arjun’s next movie. This is going to be a bilingual. After 2014 ‘Anjaan’ (Sikinder in Telugu), Linguswamy didn’t direct any movie. But he has produced few movies and none of them gave him a hit.

The director is in big financial mess. Speaking during the book launch event of his book ‘Lingu 2’, Linguswamy said that he isn’t going to cheat anybody and pay all his debts without fail. Talking about the missed calls from his creditors during his book launch event speaks volumes on how big his financial mess could be.

Coming to Allu Arjun fans, they are worried for their favorite star for to be doing a bilingual for the first time with Linguswamy. Linguswamy’s last directorial venture disappointed big time and since then he didn’t take up direction and writing. So, after a short gap, Linguswamy is writing a script for Allu Arjun.