Allu Arjun Trivkikram issues

Allu Arjun is popularly referred to as Stylish Star for his impeccable stylish and fashion sense. Apart from this fact, there is another facet of him that has fetched him huge fans and it’s his dance. Off late though, the actor has been a little off color as far as the dances go and fans too have expressed this to the star. They have got responses like injuries are what keeping the star away from full-fledged dances in his recent past films.

While the injury fact may be a true for the actor slowing down a bit, sources say, the actor is going all out with his next film as far as dances go. He has already started practicing his dances big time and add to it, he has also started to learn gymnastic as well to give a whole new level of flexibility to his dances. So all you fans out there who have expressed disappointment with dances, rest assured, whatever happens with the upcoming Trivikram Srinivas film dances are going to a major highlight.