Allu Arjun Congratulated Nikhil SiddharthYoung hero Nikhil is all smiles and very happy for the feeling that a big star and a nice person like Allu Arjun called him and congratulated Nikhil for the kind of movies he has been doing. A lot of heroes do congratulate Nikhil for his work. But, what is so special about Allu Arjun?

The young hero is all praise for the stylish star, for his personal concern for everything and his attitude towards the social causes etc. Allu Arjun complimented Nikhil after the success of ‘Karthikeya’ and warned him to be very careful and follow the same route he has been following presently.

Being a busy actor himself, Bunny’s sweet gesture is truly winning. As rightly said by Nikhil, people come to watch Allu Arun’s movie, irrespective of anything because of the kind of movies he chooses and the judgment he has on the content of a movie. Moreover, he knows how to connect with audiences easily.