Allu-Arjun's-Brother-Slapped-Them,-SoftlyLike every guy who has to move on from the past and opt for new beginnings, we know that Allu Arjun’s elder brother Allu Bobby has got married for the second time to Neela Shah and shared the news on a social media platform.

But, when he was trolled badly for leaving his first wife Neelima and also his 10-year-old daughter Anvita, he softly reminded that they were separated 10 years ago in 2005 and were officially divorced three years ago in 2016.

For another troll who shamed Bobby, his reply was nothing short of killing with a dagger, but a bloodless kill. Allu Bobby said that he was sorry because the troll was dissatisfied with his marriage but reminded him that it was mutual.

Most of the trolls expressed concern over 10-year-old Anvitha. He clearly told that Anvitha was still with her biological mom and dad. He literally said, ‘she is with us’.

The guy replied patiently to almost all those people who cursed him, said nasty things about him and also were not okay with his second marriage. He knows how to handle this, right? And he did it.