Race Gurram’s success meet happened last night amidst fans at Annapurna studios. Allu Arjun spoke at length and thanked most technicians and actors who contributed to the movie’s success. Speaking about Brahmi who stole the show as Kill Bill Pandey, Allu Arjun unabashedly conceded that they have depended on Brahmi and he has no problem attributing the movie’s success to the actor who immensely helped the movie score blockbuster talk. He further explained that a film’s success is not just because of the hero, in fact, every actor and technician who is a part of the film should get rewarded for the success.

Though many felt Brahmi stole the show, Allu Arjun showed mature performance in the film as compared to his previous films. His next movie with Trivikram may even help him reach a new level as a performer. He is clearly winning hearts with every film of his and looks like his hard work is at last paying off.