AlluArjun-Army-Hyderabad-Pushpa-2-UpdateIt’s normal for fans to get frustrated when they are not getting updates from the makers about the upcoming film of their favorite star. The same is happening in the case of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa 2.

It’s been almost a year since the first part exploded on screen and since then there have been no updates from the team about its sequel. Allu Arjun fans, known as All Arjun’s Army, on Sunday, started protesting outside the Geetha Arts office.

It’s funny that Geetha Arts or Allu Aravind is in no way related to Pushpa 2. It was amateurish on the part of these fans to go and protest outside the Geetha Arts office. If they really wanted an update they should have protested outside the Mythri Movie Makers’ office as they are the official producers of Pushpa 2.

People on social media are saying, “Intha Chinna Logic Ela Miss Ayyaru Allu Arjun Army!” Many are also of the opinion that these are nothing but gimmick tactics by some crazy fans to stay in the news, hit the headlines, and create some more hype about the movie.

The Pushpa team is already getting ready to give updates about the shoot, release date, and other details. There are speculations that a short teaser might be attached to the prints of the much-awaited Avatar 2 which is scheduled to release on December 16th. An official announcement regarding the same is expected soon from the makers.