Allu Arjun Anasuya MovieWhile GA2 Pictures gave an announcement that it’s going to update the name of the chief guest by tomorrow 10 a.m., the hype and the build-up is about Allu Arjun being the chief guest and Karthikeya’s tweet already confirmed it.

Allu Arjun attending the pre-release event of Karthikeya’s ‘Chaavu Kaburu Challagaa’ as the chief guest means it would be for self-promotion and also for the promotion of Karthikeya’s movie. His presence at the event will be a good thing anyway.

The movie has been gaining buzz after the release of anchor Anasuya’s special song ‘Paina Pataaram’, thus creating awareness about this movie. She is extremely hot in the special song and her presence definitely added to the buzz.

Now, the announcement about Allu Arjun being the chief guest will be beneficial both for the stylish star and also the to the film coming from their compound. So, this strategy is working both ways; build-up for Allu Arjun and publicity for the movie.