Allu Arjun 3 Times More Than CharanMega heroes, Allu Arjun, and Ram Charan are in top form with big hits Pushpa and RRR under their bellies. They have seen good Pan-India popularity in the last year or so.

Pushpa became a rage and collected big money in Hindi whereas RRR is still going strong and Ram Charan won massive applause for his performance as Ram.

But when it comes to social media, Allu Arjun is way ahead. If you see the Instagram followers, Charan has only 6 million whereas Bunny has 18 million which is three times more than Charan.

Even on Twitter, Allu Arjun has more followers than Charan. Popularity-wise, Charan is no less but he needs to up his social media game which Allu Arjun has in control with a very strong team who takes care of it.