Allu Arha's Dubsmash Going Viral on InstaIf you haven’t yet caught the cute expressions of Allu Arjun‘s cutie pie Allu Arha on the Instagram page of Allu Sneha Reddy, definitely you have to watch it. The little girl has killed the dubsmash with her adorable expressions.

It’s been only four hours ago that Allu Sneha shared the dubsmash video, it recorded more than 1,30,00 likes. When asked, ‘Who is your favourite heroine?’ Allu Arha says ‘Jacqueline Fernandes’ and when asked to spell the name, immediately, she changes her option to Alia Bhatt.

Remember, it’s dubsmash and not Allu Arha’s voice but her expressions are what made the video special. What say, folks? Arha is a great attention seeker and this video proves the same, once again.

Allu’s son and daughter are very popular on social media circles and the Allu couple makes it a point to share every special thing about their kids. So, the kids have fans on social media and we have to ask, who doesn’t love such adorable kids, anyway?