Allu Aravind Aha Video Flying High with Colour PhotoSuhas’ digital outing ‘Colour Photo‘ that has been streaming on Aha digital platform got good reviews from critics and audiences,as well. Social media has been hailing the movie big time, especially, youth are hailing it through their WhatApp statuses.

Now, Aha seems to be banking on that success. It has reduced the subscription offer to the bare minimum of Rs. 265 from its normal price which was Rs. 365. This gives scope for more subscriptions for the platform.

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If the digital platform ensures to deliver the right content that would attract youth and most importantly the viewers who got used to global digital content, ‘Aha’ might soon grow as a regional digi platform that can give tough fight to global players.

Of course, it’s too early to decide. Let’s wait and see how ‘Colour Photo’ further helps Allu Aravind’s digital outing Aha.

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