Allu Aravind Gets it Back from SP CharyFor the uninitiated, the producer of ‘Magadheera’, Allu Aravind was infuriated and sued the makers of Bollywood upcoming movie ‘Raabta’ for allegedly copying the reincarnation theme from their Telugu movie and reproducing it in their film with a few changes.

A writer named SP Chary is paying Aravind with his own coin alleging the Geetha Arts owner with plagiarism charges of his novel titled ‘Chanderi’. He alleges that a few names and relationships of a few characters were changed, but the core plot of the movie is retained from his novel.

He is yet to move the court but has registered a complaint in the writers’ association for which he didn’t receive any response. ‘Chanderi’ was published in the Telugu daily Andhra Bhoomi in 1998. In the title catds, Baahubali writer Vijayendra Prasad was credited for the story. SP Chary wants the credits for penning the story.