Balakrishna-Allu Aravind About What Mega Fans FeelAllu Aravind and Balakrishna are on the opposite sides for many years. Allu Aravind was promoting Chiranjeevi against Balakrishna in the latter’s prime. But then, things have changed drastically now. Allu Aravind has roped in Balakrishna for a Talk show of his Aha Video.

The show is being promoted without any inhibitions. Balakrishna’s look and ease in the show are being talked about every whereas the first episode is out now. But then, Mega fans are fuming at Allu Aravind as they suspect him to be taking the side of Balakrishna.

But then, Aravind seems to be not bothered. there are reports that Aravind is also planning a film in the combination of Balakrishna and Krish on his Geetha Arts banner. Mega fans are fuming at Aravind’s unfiltered support to the Nandamuri hero. They feel working with a good production house like Geetha Arts at fag end of Balakrishna’s career will help him a lot.

Probably, it is time for fans of any hero to come out of this kind of mindset. Times have changed now and there is no place for street fights in the film industry. It is all about content and collaboration these days. Allu Aravind seems to be going in that direction only.