Balakrishna_Allu_Aravind_OTTIt not only surprised but also shocked many when it was announced that Balakrishna would grace the pre-release event of Allu Sirish’s Urvasivo Rakshasivo as chief guest on October 30.

A few years ago, it would be impossible to imagine such a scenario because the Nandamuri camp and the Allu camp were completely different. Allu camp was a part of the Mega camp and they maintained a safe distance from the Nandamuri clan and vice versa.

But of late, especially after the launch of the Aha OTT platform, the Allu family and Balakrishna have become very close. Their first collaboration was the chat show Unstoppable with NBK which became a huge hit.

Since then Allu Aravind and Balakrishna have been in praise of each other and were seen together on many occasions.

Nandamuri fans always wanted Balakrishna and Jr. NTR to become one. On the other hand, Mega camp always wanted the Allu family remains as an extension of Mega camp. But things have changed drastically now.

Mega fans were also not very happy when the TDP president and Ex-CM Chandrababu Naidu graced Aha’s Unstoppable show. The bonding of Allu Aravind, Balakrishna, and CBN didn’t go well with many Mega well-wishers.

In the future, if TDP comes back to power in 2024 then Allu Aravind will surely like to take this collaboration to the next level.

Fans from both sides must understand that people and their relationships change with time and they have no choice but to accept and digest the new equations.