Allari Naresh Depression - EVV Satyanarayana DeathAt one stage of his career, Allari Naresh‘s has earned the credit that he is the safest bet in Telugu Film Industry. Though his career is lagging behind recently, he had a glorious phase once. Besides this, he also had to go through a depression phase. When and what was it?

When his father, ace director EVV Satyanarayana passed away, Naresh couldn’t take the pain and he went into depression. It took him two years to come out of that depression. During that phase, he watched as many as 600-700 films in a year revealed Allari Naresh.

He is happy that he won a Nandi Award for ‘Gamyam’ and made his father extremely happy for winning the State Award. His unhappy moments were when he had to go for shooting while his father was suffering in the hospital, during his last days.

Allari Naresh says, he still feels bad whenever he watches those scenes he shot in ‘Seema Tapaakaay’ when his father was on the bed. Both his happiest and saddest moments are associated with his father. One can understand Allari Naresh’s attachment to his father.