Allari Naresh’s Award-Winning Performance All Over


Allari Naresh’s eight-year-long flop saga has come to an end as today’s release ‘Naandhi‘ broke the bad phase. The talented actor has been winning high praises for his matured and intense performance in the movie and how his prowess has brought depth into the proceedings of the movie.

Speaking at the success meet, Naresh was seen getting emotional and his voice was choked with happy tears. He thanked everyone involved in the success and especially, gave the rightful credit to Varalaxmi Sharatkumar and tagged her as the ‘golden girl’ after ‘Krack’ and ‘Naandhi’ successes.

Praises are coming unanimously calling Allari Naresh’s act an award-winning performance and that he did complete justice to the role he reprised. Coming out of his comfort zone of comedy image and doing a serious film is a challenge and Naresh passed that one, big time.

‘Allari’ gave him the first break and this ‘Naandhi’ is going to be ever special for him because it’s hard-earned after a slew of disappointing flop movies. It’s nice that he chose a hard-hitting concept-based film and he came out with flying colours. This is his real success as a performer.

Of course, all the cast and crew who are part of the movie deserve the same kind of accolades but, today is Allari Naresh’s day, especially.

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