Common notion in Tollywood is Allari Naresh is a safe bet minimum guarantee hero who is very feasible to small producers. He is almost on run till mid 2010 with up to 10 movies releasing per year. A movie with Naresh can be made with 3-4 crores budget and is guaranteed with minimum openings. However, scene reversed off late. His Aha na Pellanta, Madatha Kaja bombed at the box office. His latest movie Nuvva Nena could not even manage to get a quarter of his earlier movies.

His position in Tollywood came under severe threat with advent of Sunil as hero. Our sources in Tollywood says that Allari Naresh was crestfallen with his father’s death. He had become irregular coming to shootings and is also a little disinterested in movie making. Hence, producers are looking at other alternatives like Sunil who are in the same league.
Lets wish Naresh recovers his ground!