Allari Naresh in Ravi Teja Disco Raja-We were among those who felt that Allari Naresh’s performance in Mahesh Babu’s ‘Maharshi’ might get him more performance-oriented character roles if he will continue to be game enough to continue doing character roles not limiting himself to hero roles.

Now, the word has got it that Allari Naresh replaced comedian Sunil in ‘Disco Raja’. It’s a good choice not only for the actor but also the movie.

Naresh can emote a panorama of expressions that can be both comic and serious depending on the role he gets.

‘Disco Raja’ being helmed by director Vi Anand is a crucial film for Ravi Teja who has been experiencing a bad phase in his career.

If Naresh gets a meaty role in the movie, the combo might be a smashing hit as the energies of Ravi Teja and Allari Naresh would add up making it a thorough entertaining fare.