Allari-Naresh-Proves-It-Again,-but-Will-That-HelpTurns out Allari Naresh’s decision to accept a supporting role in Maharshi proved his caliber as an artist again. Though he did such amazing performance in Gamyam, he did not consider to do serious roles like did in Maharshi. Of all the characters roles seen in Maharshi, Allari Naresh’s role stood out and is a good news for him.

He gave a decent play for what they have written for his character and he scored well in makers and the audience minds. Success was a close friend of Naresh back in days of Sudigadu and then the actor suffered continuous failures one after the other.

But not waiting on films as hero, Naresh did a good job in moving on with the character role that made an impact out there unlike Sunil, who came back from the “hero” chant and yet couldn’t get that character role.

Hope Naresh continues to do such decent roles not just sticking to the hero role. Well, it depends a lot on the writers though. Only if they write good roles, will then Naresh be able to perfect it on screen. However, the actor has already signed a film as a hero for G. Nageswara Reddy’s directorial. Let’s see at least now his career comes on track like old days.