Southern cinema comedy actor Allari Naresh will now have many of his films released very soon. The movies will be released with a very short interval of time between them. His upcoming films include films directed by Srinivasa Reddy, E. Satti Babu, Sai Kishore and Chinni Krishna. Another new movie in which he will star which was announced recently will be made under the direction of famous ‘Allari’ Ravi Babu. The minor details about these soon-to-begin projects are yet to be announced. Another great news is that on the completion of these five movies actor Naresh will have completed a whole of 49 movies in his entire acting career of 12 years.

It is also reported that the actor revealed some inside news regarding his fiftieth movie. The producer of his 50th film will be none other than his brother Aryan Rajesh, who is also an actor, producing under the E.V.V. Cinema banner.