All Things Falling in Place for Wild DogKing Nagarjuna’s Wild Dog is making a splash with aggressive promotions. The promotional material released so far is interesting and has managed to create some buzz for the movie. Besides that, things are falling in place for the movie.

Gopichand‘s Seetimaar which was supposed to release on the same day is now postponed. April 2nd – the release day is followed by the weekend holidays and again, April 5th is another public holiday that will help the movie.

Another Dubbing film, Karthi’s Sulthan is also releasing that day. The makers are also promoting their film well. But then, Wild Dog will still be the first choice for the film-goers if the film manages good talk on an opening day. Nagarjuna is due for a big hit since Oopiri which released in 2016.

Nagarjuna plays Encounter Specialist ACP Vijay Varma who is popularly called Wild Dog. The film is about a secret NIA operation to eliminate some dreaded terrorists who are behind several bomb blasts in the country.