All the Fuss for Nothing Vangaveeti Audio LaunchIs this the sign of things to come? The audio launch function of Vangaveeti was one of the dullest launches in recent past. It can also be passed off as the worst managed event too.

Admittedly the crowd was amazing but besides that there was nothing to take away from this audio function. There was so much build up for the past few days to this audio launch. Even in the morning director Ram Gopal Varma made news after his arrival in Vijayawada and meet with the Vangaveeti family. Subsequently, the director tweeted about the threats and warnings.

At the end of the function, it all felt like an unnecessary drama to boost the interest in the function. A segment is already worrying that this would be the case with the film too. There will be lots of talks but a very little matter that people don’t already know. They hear that it might be another case of RGV milking on controversy using controversial person or topic. Vangaveeti hits screens on December 23.