Nagarjuna Akkineni- Sumanth - KapatadhaariSometimes less is more and that’s how it felt when Sumanth was seen being grateful for the presence of his uncle Nagarjuna Akkineni at the pre-release function of his upcoming movie ‘Kapatadhaari‘.

He said, “Thank you Chinna Mama! Because I’m so confident of this film, I especially required and requested your presence for elevating it king size.” As a gesture, Nag showed ‘thumbs up’ agreeing to what Sumanth said.

The Tollywood King was seen smiling and during his speech, Nagarjuna addressed Sumanth in such an adorable manner, “All the best, Sumanth Ra!” He also said thanks to Akkineni fans for being in attendance and being a support for Sumanth.

Sumanth said something sensible besides talking about his movie. That’s about cutting short the speeches during the pre-release function so that they wouldn’t be boring. That’s a nice idea and it’s important that pre-release function needn’t be routine and outdated. They can be short and crisp.