All pre Sankranthi movies move to post SankranthiEmo Gurram Egaravachu, Yemito Ee Maaya, Autonagar Surya are some examples of noticeable films that have now confirmed there releases to be at the end of January or in early February. Apart from these there are films like Heart Attack and Rey which were initially announced as Sankranthi releases and these have been postponed to January end release. All these different films have one reason in common for their postponement.

Yes, your guess is as good as ours and the reason for these postponements is pretty obvious, it’s the big Sankranthi releases. With two biggies 1 Nenokkadine and Yevadu slated to release for Sankranthi all these films fear routing at the cinemas upon the releases of these biggies. It doesn’t matter if the film is having good talk or revenue, they are bound to get replaced and hence in the best interest of a possible good run, all these films have postponed their releases to a post Sankranthi period where they could have enough space to show a decent performance in the least.

That’s smart thinking by the makers but if these films clash later within a compressed period of time would that indeed be smarter? We will know the real fate only when these films release in the coming month.