Sonu soodSonu Sood will be best remembered by the Telugus for his role Pasupathi, a dreadful villain in the blockbuster movie ‘Arundhati’ and his dialogue ‘Vadala Bommaali Vadala’. However, he isn’t a villain in real life, turned out to be a blockbuster hero all of a sudden.

It’s not that he became a hero by luck. Sonu Sood has been helping thousands of migrant workers to go back to their homes by arranging buses for them. Not just buses, even food for them. About 12,000 migrants were sent to homes by the actor.

He has been spending Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 2 lakhs per bus with a lot of paperwork and permissions to be done in the background before sending the migrant labourers to their homes. Sonu Sood deserves every bit of the praises he has been receiving.

Social media is hailing him as a hero who is doing humanitarian work that the governments failed to do though governments have a lot of resources at their behest to do so. It’s heartening to see him waving to the migrants in the buses going for their native places.