Samantha Ruth Prabhu -Arrangements of Love After what has been a tough year for Samantha on the personal front, she is looking forward to what promises to be a fruitful 2022. She had recently announced a couple of bilingual projects and today, she announced her maiden international film, Arrangements Of Love.

Arrangements Of Love really is a major step up for Samantha as she gets to exhibit her prowess to international audiences. She is visibly excited about the same. Marking the occasion, Nithiin wished Samantha the best and said he is happy for her.

But interestingly enough, other mainstream Telugu heroes have opted not to wish Samantha on the big occasion. Well, Samantha has worked with almost every top hero and a handful of mid-range heroes, but neither of them took it to social media to wish her when she announced her maiden international film.

We don’t often see stars wishing other actors upon the announcement of new projects, but Samantha’s case is different. She is starting a new phase of life after the divorce and more importantly, she is one of the first mainstream South Indian actresses to onboard an international film. It would have been nice if our top stars wished her.