All films don’t guarantee success: Sudheer Babu

Actor Sudheer Babu’s latest film Aadu Magadra Bujji has opened to mixed review, mostly poor one can say, but he is not upset about it as he did the film because he liked the story and not for the fact that it guarantees success. He admits that no film guarantees success and that that they usually work only if the content is good.

He added that he did the film because he believed in it and that it didn’t work is in nobody’s hands. Sudheer said he would concentrate on his career instead of worrying about the result of a film. He also added that he will continue doing films that are different from other films.

Sudheer’s last film was a blockbuster and he said that success or failure doesn’t matter to him as long as he gets to do different type of films and never get typecast.