pk-movie-release-dateThe month of November has been disastrous for Bollywood, to put in polite terms. The box office numbers have plummeted to shocking levels giving scary nights to the people in trade. And things don’t look good in the coming two weeks as well which is why the entire spotlight has shifted to PK.

PK starring Aamir Khan is going to be the biggest release of the year in Bollywood and this film apart from Action Jackson starring Ajay Devgn are the only two biggies in this last month of the year. The trade is hoping that these two films cover up the deficit the year has so far seen with stupendous performance, more so the former film PK as it comes in great combination.

The advance booking of the film due to this anticipation is going to open sooner than what one had expected initially. Films have in the past opened their advances much earlier but in the case of PK, the makers planned to do it closer to the release. However with the sad state of box office, they are going to do it earlier.