Ali Son in LawComedian Ali’s daughter Fathima Rameezun recently got married in a star-studded ceremony. However, his industry ‘friend’ and Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan did not attend the event for obvious reasons. Ali was expecting Rajyasabha berth but Jagan recently made him electronic media advisor to the government of Andhra Pradesh.

In a YouTube interview the other day, Ali said that everybody thinks that since his daughter is a doctor, his son-in-law Sheikh Shahayaz is also a doctor. He revealed that all the members of Shahayaz’s family are doctors.

However, his son-in-law is a robotic engineer. He added that he works as a team leader at CVS Pharmacy for the past 7 years in America.

CVS (Consumer Value Store) Pharmacy is a well-reputed American retail corporation with around ten thousand pharmacies across country.