Alibaba okkade donga reviewBOTTOM LINE
Unbearable Kitsch.

Ali and Suja Varunee; Director -Phani Prakash

Oh-No Rating

Alibaba okkade donga review
What is “Alibaba Okkade Donga” about?
How Lucky (Ali) facing various problems chances upon money and what he does with it is what the film is all about.

How is Aali’s performance?
After some gap comedian Ali is seen playing a lead role. He looks jaded throughout the film although he does his part with complete sincerity. As far as the comedy timing goes it’s the usual.

Alibaba okkade donga reviewWhat about Phani Prakash’s direction?
Direction by Phani Prakash is very outdated. He had an interesting plot on hand courtesy of some inspiration but still he makes a complete kitsch out of it. A comic caper into turned into a heavy melodramatic saga in the film. There is a complete lack of seriousness and even the comedy is silly. Overall a very poor effort.

Alibaba okkade donga reviewOther artists performance?
Suja Varunee has very little to do in the film apart from acting all caring about the hero. Raghu Babu, Duvvasi Mohan and Kondavalasa cover the comedy in the film which as said above is silly and juvenile type. Giri Babu plays a dignified father character like he has done million times before. Jeeva does his routine as well.

Alibaba okkade donga reviewHow is Music, Songs and other departments?
Music by Sai Srikanth is bad and the background score too is no different. The film is poor technically in all the departments be it cinematography or editing or choreography of songs.

Alibaba okkade donga review
Few comedy punches involving begging.

Over melodrama
Silliness quotient
Music and BGM

Alibaba okkade donga reviewWhat about the box office performance of the film?
There is nothing to say about the box office of the film. As it is very few remember the existence of the film and with the kind of product it is in few days no one will remember it.

Did I enjoy it?

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Oh-No Rating
Reviewed by Siddhartha