Alia Skipped It, Even Rajamouli Can’t Blame Her?A section of the audience were disappointed seeing Alia’s dull role in RRR. The fans pinned hopes on Rajamouli and expected that he would showcase Alia in a solid manner. But that did not happen as Alia was seen in mere three or four scenes in RRR .

If this was not enough, Alia did not speak much about the film after its release and this created a new controversy. But later, she responded and tried to cool things.

Once again, she has made news as Alia skipped the RRR’s 1000 crore success bash in Hindi that happened yesterday night in Mumbai. Now, there are a few who have raised eyebrows once again regarding her absence at the event. But one cannot blame her as she didn’t get a proper role in RRR.

The same aspect was even admitted by Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad post RRR’s release as she said if there is one aspect he is not happy with, it is Sita’s character which did not have much of a weight in the film. On the other hand, as Alia is also busy preparing for her wedding, she might have skipped the event.