Alia -Bhatt RRR PostsBollywood’s star actress Alia Bhatt made her debut down South with Rajamouli’s magnum opus creation, RRR. She was seen in a very brief role in the film. Coming to the topic, the actress has deleted all the posts related to RRR from her Instagram feed.

Alia Bhatt‘s interesting act of deleting all RRR posts has become a hot topic on social media now. People are commenting that Alia Bhatt might be disappointed with Rajamouli and Co. for trimming down her character in the final cut. “Alia is a superstar in Bollywood. Giving her 2-3 scenes in RRR’s final copy might have irked her,” a netizen commented.

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Another interesting thing is that Alia has unfollowed Rajamouli on Instagram. This isn’t a positive sign as Alia looked all excited about Tollywood and she is even almost confirmed to feature in Jr NTR’s NTR30. Her first Telugu film was a biggie, RRR and she couldn’t have asked for a better launch. But it appears to be that Alia is not too pleased with how things went.

There is also a talk that Rajamouli did not pen the best of characters for Alia and she had a namesake presence in the film. However, that didn’t affect the film and the fact that it is setting the box office on fire proves the same.

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That said, Alia is a top star in Bollywood and she might have felt she was underused in RRR. She wasn’t active in the second leg of RRR’s promotional campaign either. She only attended one solitary event in Delhi and that’s about it. Now, she has deleted RRR-related posts on Instagram. Netizens are suspecting something fishy. But it is too early to draw any conclusions from the same.

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