ali allu arjun son nameIt was the audio launch function of Allu Arjun-Trivikram’s upcoming movie ‘S/O Satyamurthy’. The title seems to be very different and carrying on the proceedings of the evening based on the title seems to be apt. That’s what comedian Ali started doing on the stage. While talking on the event, Ali went like this:

S/O Allu Ramalingaiah – Allu Arvind, S/O Allu Arvind – Allu Arjun, S/O Allu Arjun – S/O Allu Arjun… (muttering unable to recall Allu Arjun son’s name). Then entered Suma saying that it is Allu Ayoosh to remind Ali. But Suma actually took the wrong name. It’s not Ayoosh but Ayaan.

It seemed a bit funny that a top anchor like Suma and a top comedian Ali who are in the industry since long and associated with many events of mega family couldn’t remember and recall Allu Arjun son’s name while fans go crazy remembering even the minutest detail of their star hero. When Ali started ‘ S/O Allu Ramalingaiah…’, one never expected him to halt in the middle forgetting Bunny’s son name 🙂 .