ali at loafer audio launchWhen comedian Ali spoke at the audio launch event of ‘Loafer’, there were no controvereies as Ali spoke decently and maintained his changed attitude. This comes as a big surprise as Ali used to excel in indecent tongue in cheek humour and make filthy comments on female actors. But that attitude seems to have gone.

It’s not only ‘Loafer’ audio event, even during Manchu’s audio event of ‘Maama Manchu Alludu Kanchu’, Ali kept his speech decent. These two events passed without any controversy because Ali didn’t resort to any vulgar talk or indecent comments on stage.

This change is noticeable and it is to the good of Ali to maintain this new attitude. Hope he continues the same hereafter. After all that negativity, it’s good and refreshing to see a talented actor like Ali’s speeches devoid of controversy.