ali comments on samantha waistGoing by the tone of Ali’s explanation on his comments on heroines like Samanta and Anushka, it seems that the senior comedian is already on track to correct his previous mistakes and decided not to repeat the mistake of commenting on actresses using vulgour comparisons. In a recent media interaction, Ali gave reason on why he compared Samanta’s waist to ‘Benz Circle’.

When he went for audio launch event to Vijayawada, ‘Benz circle’ was the only place and he used the comparison for fun and nothing vulgar intended. Though the actresses took it in lighter vein as he is their co-actor and good friend, several women’s outfits protested his comments for their vulgar nature.

Ali says he isn’t going to repeat his mistakes and that means no more vulgar comments in the name of entertainment from Ali hereafter. That seems a good decision as many people though his comments were sick and the sole purpose of such comments on waists and thighs are intended for cheap fun.