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Ali Could Have Said ‘No’ to Pawan Kalyan – Rajasekhar

Ali Could Have Said 'No' to Pawan Kalyan - RajasekharIt’s ironical that Ali was one of the actors who made fun of Rajasekhar in the ‘Antyakshari Scene’ of Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Gabbar Singh’ has good relations with the senior actor. In fact, they both gelled well in a recent television show hosted by Ali.

‘There was a tussle between me and Pawan Kalyan, at that time. Hence, my imitation scene in ‘Gabbar Singh’. Fine,” Rajasekhar further added, “However, Ali could have told Pawan Kalyan not to do such a scene imitating and making fun of Rajasekhar.” Well, do comedians really have a say to alter a particular scene when it is a star hero, Pawan Kalyan?

In another interview, prior to the recent one, Rajasekhar revealed how he felt as if Pawan Kalyan warned him when he made fun of Rajasekhar. Pawan had his own reasons to imitate the senior actor. But, considering Ali’s relationship with both actors, at least, the comedian could have avoided featuring in the scene as Ali maintains friendly relationships, opined Rajasekhar.


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