Alanti Sitralu Telugu MovieThe trailer of the romantic drama Alanati Sitralu is out. It features a fresh star cast and promises to be an intense romantic drama with lots of bold and angst-filled content.

Alanati Sitralu is a small film, and it is evident within the first few seconds with the making and production design. However, we also get an idea that it is not ‘small’ on the content front. It has a big heart and sweeping emotions in place.

The core romantic track involving the two leads promises a mature and deep love story. It doesn’t follow any standard template we see in the usual commercial movies, be it small or big. The boxing, kid and other elements add further intrigue to it.

The cinematography looks consistent and decent despite the small scale production. The writing is also at the same level and gives an impressive vibe. The music, in the end, however, is the stand out element among the various technical departments from the trailer. The song we hear in the video offers a soothing and soulful quality.

Check out the trailer below. Prawin Yendamuri and Shwetta Parashar plays the main leads. Santhu Omkar is behind the lovely music we hear in the trailer. Supreeth C Krishna writes and directs Alanati Sitralu. The release date of the film is yet to be announced.