Overseas Distributor’s Tricked Once, Now It’s Gone

Ala VaikunthapurramlooWithout any debate, one can undoubtedly say that ‘Ala Vaikunthapurramloo‘ is a true blockbuster at the box-office. The overseas distributor announced that the movie wouldn’t be streamed on digital platforms like Prime or Netflix.

Even without that statement, there wouldn’t have been any impact as the movie’s content was the winner. Now, it reflects badly on the distributor for playing a gimmick on the overseas audiences.

Now, the movie is being streamed on not just one digital platform but on two. Streaming on SunNXT was expected as it was announced earlier. However, the movie started streaming on Netflix from last night.

A few other films that followed like ‘Ashwathama’ also tried the same trick with publicity posters mentioning ‘You won’t see this on Netflix and Amazon Prime.’ It turned into a joke, now. Once the overseas audiences were tricked, will they fall for it again?

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