Time and again, writers in the film industry have been looking for perfect recipe of success. The perfect formula, though, is very hard to come by and constantly changes with time. In this context, dialogue writer Akula Siva shared his thoughts with us.

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Akula Siva who was initiated into the movie industry by Posani Krishna Murali in Chennai has written dialogues for Naayak which are drawing whistles and thunderous applause from the audience. According to him, “What we breathe goes into our system without our knowledge; it is the same with God’s blessings. The success of Naayak is one such blessing. Our work is identified and the subject accepted only when a hero has a particular standing.”

He then added, ‘Writers have to create stories in accordance with the stars of the time, and now is the time for formula comedies. These days the audience wants plenty of entertainment but each director has his own pattern. A lot of commercial elements are needed — stardom has to be taken to a new level, we need to create a craze, excitement and despite a bound script there will be on the spot development.”

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