Akshay Kumar robo 2.0 villianImpressed by the action roles played by Bollywood star hero Akshay Kumar lately, top director Shankar has approached him for the antagonist role in 2.0 (Sequel of Robo).

From the time ‘Enthiran 2′ started it’s pre-production, international star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name has been making rounds besides other popular stars’ names for the role of the villain in Rajni-Shankar’s movie. But it is rumored that the international star has opted out due to remuneration issues.

Now it’s official and Akshay Kumar replaced Schwarzenegger in 2.0. This would help the producers in keeping the budget under control as the Tetminator actor allegedly demanded Rs.120 crores for signing the film. Amy Jackson has been confirmed to play female lead in the film. Mary who has designed famous costumes for Tron, Watchman #2.0 is working on special costumes in 2.0. AR Rehaman will score the music.