Airlft chennai akshay kumar scenesWhen the locals of a place were left in critical conditions either by human fault or natural calamities, it becomes the responsibility of our defense forces to come to the rescue of the citizens of the country. When Chennai was hit by floods and when people had to be rescued, Indian Army came to the rescue in for the rescue operations.

Bollywood star hero Akshay Kumar also experienced similar airlifting episodes when he was shooting for his upcoming film ‘Airlift’ directed by Radha Krishna Menon. As per the story of the film, Akshay Kumar gets involved in airlifting Indians living in Kuwait when Saddam Hussain’s forces attacked the city.

The Chennai rescue operations also resembled the same kind of scenes and the team, especially Ashay Kumar is left with a sense of deja vu after listening to the episodes from Chennai rescue operations how the people got stuck in floods and later rescued by the army of our country.