Akshara TrailerThe trailer of Akshara starring Nanditha Swetha in the lead is out. Director Trivikram Srinivas did the honours. The core concept of the movie is now clearly revealed.

If one had seen the teaser that came out way back in 2019, it would have left a whole different impression than what the trailer provides now. It will give the feeling of two separate narratives altogether. What we get now looks like a proper thriller set in educational background.

The ‘real incidents’ which have inspired the movie and the content (based on the dialogues) look topical even though, a bit overused. The suspense angle (and the investigation) could be a key to the narrative here.

The casting and the writing look decent. So, are the production values considering the small scale. B Chinni Krishna directs the movie, which is likely to give a strong message on the education system. One hopes there is more to it than the message.

Check out the trailer below. Shakalaka Shankar, Satya and Ajay Ghosh plays crucial parts in the movie. In fact, the teaser was cut with the voice-over of Ajay Ghosh. Suresh Bobbili provides the music, which seems fair from the snippet.

Suresh Varma Alluri and Ahiteja Bellamkonda produce Akshara on Cinema Hall Entertainment banner. The film will hit the big screens on February 26th.