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#Akkupakshi – RGV Vs Mega Fans

Ramgopal Varma  Vs Megastar Chiranjeevi FansAfter Naga Babu’s comments on RGV, the filmmaker opened his pandora box of attacks and still continues to do it. But there is no response to his attack from mega family heroes.

So, RGV went to the extent of asking why they are silent and inquired if Naga Babu is bitten by a scorpion or else an earthworm. While mega brothers and family continued to maintain silence, mega fans are trying their best to give back to RGV even though they knew that it is hard to win over GV when it comes to the war of exchanging words.

They are venting their anger by addressing RGV as ‘Akkupakshi’ and also creating all kind of morphed photoshopped pictures of the filmmaker as a bird. Looks like they are fighting back to the maximum extent. More than being hilarious, these tweet attacks show their frustration more.


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