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RGV Putting Pressure on Krish?

Akkupakshi Controversy - RGV Pulling Director Krish to Respond!A huge fight between Naga Babu and RGV kickstarted when Naga Babu made ‘Akkupakshi’ comments against Ram Gopal Varma. Being the man he is, RGV took to twitter and opened fire through some very harsh tweets targeting Nagendra Babu directly.

No stopping at that RGV once again started the second round and tweeted some hot tweets. The twist became even more interesting when RGV started praising Krish and his GPSK film to no ends. He hailed Krish by saying that just after seeing one film of his four corporate houses in Mumbai have signed him.

He made a series of tweets and said some very good things about Balakrishna too and indirectly targeted the other film. This many say has become quite ugly and RGV is taking it to another level. Let’s see how the mega family will respond to this from now. Hope Krish who has no role in this controversy will not get into this mess.


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