Sumanth AkkineniSumanth is one of those heroes who missed a couple of blockbuster movies that were offered to him first before the makers chose others. When a Twitter handle posted a list of super hit films that the Akkineni hero missed, Sumanth wrote a clarification tweet.

While the above-said Twitter handle mentioned 10 films that Sumanth missed saying that he would have been a star hero if he hadn’t missed them. Sumanth made fun of the Twitter user asking him to get facts right as Sumanth missed only missed ‘Deshamuduru’ and ‘Nuvve Kavali’.

Akkineni hero Sumanth may have done very few films but, the actor has his own space and does films at his own pace. In one of his earlier interviews, Sumanth already said that he wouldn’t be a fit for the ‘Deshamuduru’ kind of films and it’s hard to imagine anyone except Allu Arjun in that role.

Coming to ‘Nuvve Kavali’, that would have been his kind of film if he did but, back then, he was busy with his prior commitments and couldn’t sign that movie and later it turned out to be the debut blockbuster for Tarun.